Born to be the genesis of MR.

 혼합현실(MR: Mixed Reality)을 실현
  하는 Five for의 코어 아키텍트
"VR 아케이드 스마트폰"

"MR-BOX"는 기존의 가상현실(VR: Virtual Reality)
 콘텐츠가 가지고 있는 과제를 해결하기 위해
 개발된 독자적인 MR 기술입니다.

Proprietary advantages
Multi-angle function with ability
of switching multiple cameras
makes to see results of synthesis from multi-angled viewpoints
The audiences are able to watch player moving in VR world not only from single but also from multiple viewpoints.
Dual MR - realized MR images in
multiple displays
Results of synthesis are separable into two channels. Compose at once, and output to each monitors of standalone PC(unconnected).
Practical realization of MR technology covering the weakness of VR
succeeds in practical utilisation(durability, stable operation) which is difficult even if with good-resulted test
The highest image quality with the highest output in the world
displays 60fps 4k at present: only our system realizes MR with quite less delay
Technology supporting both
VR and AR
works as AR system as well
Fusion of broadcasting technology and game technology
keeps high image/sound quality by handling image contents with equipments for broadcasting
Basic technology not dependent on head mounted display
makes usable on any model with space-recognizing function
Multilayered synthesis by externalization, and reducing load of synthesis
realizes to synthesize 6 layers maximum
Photo-printing function
makes quick-photo and printing function standardly usable(printer is optional)
*quick-printed photo after playing 'Circle of Saviors'
Green-backed studio
becomes ideal environment for shooting of V-tuber(vlogger using CG avatar)
Mounted technology
Many more technologies now being planned
혹시 이런 고민을 하고 계시지 않으신가요?
VR을 체험하고 있는
레이어 이외에는 그
내용이나 재미가
전달되지 않는다.
VR은 매우 훌륭한 기술이지만 체험을 하고 있는 플레이어 밖에 내용을 알 수 없다는 문제가 있습니다. 이 점을 개선하기 위해 VR의 기술과 방송 기술을 조합함으로써 Mixed Reality를 실현하는 기기『MR-BOX』가 탄생하였습니다.
VR 콘텐츠를
싶지만 설치하는데
있어 장벽이 너무 높다.
VR 콘텐츠의 도입에는 대단한 많은 노력과 수고가 동반됩니다. 『MR-BOX』는 우량 콘텐츠와 아케이드 오퍼레이션, 양쪽 모두 탑재하고 있고 안전 대책도 준비되어 있어, 시설의 크기에 따라 『MR-BOX』를 단일, 혹은 복수 도입함으로써 간단하게 "VR 게임센터"를 만들 수가 있습니다.
Business area of MR-BOX
MR-BOX is platform of arcade VR for entertainment facilities. We develop original system which aim to construct very new type facility, not like exists.
We provide contents/hardware specialized for visitor to Japan or global use, to tourism facilities. It includes not only digital part, but also manuals and arrangement of place.
We also entertain children by developing soft/hardware with our MR technology.
We have high quality and low price technology which is good for video-business like V-tuber.
Actual results of installing MR-BOX
Plaza Capcom
Plaza Capcom
Goyang, Korea

Ilsan, Korea
VR Center
*city name without indication of country is in Japan
●일본 아사히 방송 버추얼 다큐멘터리 "꿈꾸는 VR(夢見るVR)"
●타이완 환타 이벤트 CF 세키구치 아이미(関口愛美) 출연 MR 합성 협력
Now looking for VR contents supported for MR-BOX!
MR-BOX supports software made by Unity.


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